About Our Schools

fish rackIn 1985, Akiachak, Akiak, and Tuluksak community members decided to form the Yupiit School District. Members of the communities have been working together ensuring that students receive the best education possible. Our graduates at Yupiit School District have gone on to successful careers. Yupiit alumni are now teachers, pilots, nurses, office managers, health professionals, and etc. Current students are interested in becoming photographers, carpenters, architects, ophthalmologists, flight attendants, and veterinarians. Yupiit School District continues to strive to offer the best education possible. Here at Yupiit we teach that kindness, like snow, beautifies everything it touches, and that heart matters more than size! Welcome to our "Beautiful World"!
Photo: Salmon drying. The Kuskokwim River has an abundance of king and silver salmon in the summer and pike in the winter.

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Akiachak School
(220 K-12 students)


Akiachak Jukebox Project


Akiak School
(135 K-12 students)


Akiak Jukebox Project


Tuluksak School
(135 K-12 students)


Tuluksak Jukebox Project